Cata 36 - King - Jim - CkOut Ride

Tuesday, Apr 19, 2022 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm)

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Leaders: Mark Fields
Robert King
James Edwards

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Please read all information below to ensure a full understanding of your Check Out Ride Portion of your Event.

CHECK-OUT RIDE DATE and TIMES - Both are shown at the top of this page.  Please verify them and contact Bow to Stern if they are incorrect in any way. 

WHAT TO BRING - Attire should be according to the predicted weather.  Understand that the temperature is always a little cooler on the water and it never hurts to bring rain gear, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a camera to help remember your trip.  Drinks and snacks, of your choice, that are appropriate for the duration of your trip are suggested.  This boat is not equipped with refrigeration, so you will need to bring a cooler in order to keep things cool. 

CHECK-IN PROCEDURES and TIMES -  Your Check-out Ride time is shown just below the event title at the top of this page.

CHECK-IN will be done at the Bow to Stern Offices, located at Bow to Stern Boating Center - 290 Blackwell Point Loop Rd, Oriental. Once there, you can park in the spaces directly on the side of the road or in the small parking area next to the sheds.  Wherever you park, please park close together as parking is limited.  Find our staff in the offices on the ground floor and we will confirm payment, paperwork, and equipment, introduce you to your captain, and then get you on your boat as soon as possible.

"CHECK-OUT RIDE" PROCEDURES - This "Check-Out Ride" is to verify that the "Captain" is capable of handling the boat for the time, duration, and proposed destination of the charter.

Instruction is allowed as needed, specific to the boat's operations.  This is not designed to be a "how to do this skill" , it is designed to be a "this is how to do this skill, that you already know how to do, on this particular boat".  The primary reason for this event is to verify the Captain's skill set, not to teach how to sail or handle the boat.

It is the responsibility of Bow to Stern's Captain to verify the skills of the "Charter Captain" for the Rental/Charter duration and destination.  If Bow to Stern's Captain determines that the "Charter Captain" is not ready to act as captain for this charter, a Bow to Stern Captain must be hired for the duration of the Rental/Charter.  This was discussed at the time of registration.

VESSEL TRACKING - This vessel is equipped with a tracking device to monitor location and essential systems.  Bow to Stern Staff will use this device's communication tools to assist in the safe operation of the vessel when possible.  There is also an audible communication system between Bow to Stern and the Boat that will be explained. (Video/Cameras are not part of the system)

PAYMENT POLICY - A minimum 20% deposit is required at the time of booking.  The balance is due no later than one week prior to the start of your Rental/Charter.  We recommend that you make all payments online via our online payment system.  Your charter is not confirmed until the deposit is received.  Emails for all payments will be sent to the email on file as confirmation of payment.

CANCELLATION POLICY - A Charter can be cancelled with more than 4 weeks notice for a full refund of any payments already made.  Cancellations with more than 2 weeks notice from the start of the Charter will forfeit a $50 registration fee or the full deposit, whichever is less, or can be rescheduled without penalty.  Cancellations after the required balance due date (one week prior to the start of the rental/charter) will forfeit 50% of the charter fee and the Captain's fee.  No-Shows will forfeit the full Charter fee and Captain's fee. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY - Cancellations with a full refund or reschedulling without penality is possible for any charter that has unsafe weather for more than 50% of the charter duration.  Unsafe weather is defined as tropical storm/hurricane or unsafe sailing conditions (winds above 25kts).  We do not cancel for low winds, rain, or heat.  We are glad to reschedule during our winter season due to abmormal cold.  

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